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Seek out Adventure and Education in San Antonio!

Home to over 300 years of tradition and heritage—along with the only UNESCO World Heritage Site in Texas—San Antonio offers students a number of great attractions and incredible educational and performance opportunities they’ll be sure to remember forever. From strolling the famed River Walk to taking in the sights, come explore what else the second largest city in the Lone Star State brings to the table!

Handling Conflict Between Students

No matter how hard you try, sometimes students are going to have disagreements with one other. When those disagreements happen while on a trip, it can become even stickier of an issue to deal with. The good news is there are strategies and steps to take to help handle an unfortunate situation so the trip can continue as planned.

International trips are back and more popular than ever. But not so fast! It’s vital to take the time to address all considerations that go along with taking a trip beyond your country’s borders. It’s true, traveling internationally can be exciting—especially if it’s a student's first time outside of the country.